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Team set to search for life under Antarctic ice

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TitleAntarctica team to probe for life under two miles of ice
Media name/outletBloomberg
Date of coverage11/12/13
TitleAntarctica team set to drill two miles under ice
Media name/outletDaily Herald
Date of coverage11/12/12
TitleLost world of Antarctica's Lake Ellsworth to be explored
Media name/outletIn2EastAfrica
Date of coverage12/12/12
TitleResearchers seek life in lake 3km under the snow
Media name/outletThe Star
Date of coverage13/12/12
TitleAntarctic team probes for life deep below the ice
Media name/outletHawkesbury Gazette
Date of coverage13/12/12
TitleBritish scientists begin to drill Antarctic ice sheet to hunt for life
Media name/outletRed Orbit
Date of coverage12/12/12
TitleEn busca de vida bajo un lago ant√°rtico congelado hace 500 milenios
Media name/outletABC
Date of coverage12/12/12

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