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Thomas Wishart test new treatments on sheep that carry the gene for a childhood brain disease.

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TitleScientists are Breeding Mutant Sheep in Lab to Fight Inherited Brain Disorder in Humans
Media name/outletMicro Finance Reporter
Date of coverage19/09/19
TitleLas ovejas pueden ayudar a comprender una enfermedad infantil devastadora
Media name/outletDiario Veterinario (ES)
Date of coverage19/09/19
TitleBreeding sheep to fight a brain disorder in children
Media name/outletEARA News Digest 2019 - Week 37
Date of coverage13/09/19
TitleScientists breed mutant sheep to combat fatal child brain disease
Media name/outletBest in Australia
Date of coverage31/08/19
TitleOvejas mutantes contra una enfermedad cerebral infantil
Media name/outletLAVANGUARDIA
Date of coverage28/08/19
TitleMutant sheep are being bred in lab to fight lethal child brain disease
Media name/outletThe Guardian
Date of coverage24/08/19
Producer/AuthorThe Guardian

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