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Trojan horse tactic gives parasites edge over immune systems, Dr Amy Buck finds

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Title'Trojan horse' trick that may help save lives
Media name/outletDaily Express
Date of coverage26/11/14
Title'Trojan horse' parasites disguise themselves to attack immune systems - but discovery could help find cures for allergies
Media name/outletMail Online
Date of coverage26/11/14
TitleTrojan horse tactic of parasites identified by researchers
Media name/outletHorsetalk.co.nz
Date of coverage26/11/14
TitleParasites use a Trojan Horse to infiltrate host cells with harmful DNA
Media name/outletScience World Report
Date of coverage26/11/14
TitleParasites found to use “Trojan horses” to quell resistance
Media name/outletWorld Science
Date of coverage26/11/14

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