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Type 2 diabetes linked with lower life expectancies, Sarah Wild finds

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TitleResearchers find diabetes cuts lifespan across society
Media name/outletThe Metro
Date of coverage6/11/17
TitleHaving diabetes can cut five years off your life, study reveals
Media name/outletThe Herald
Date of coverage6/11/17
TitleDiabetics' 5yr life cut
Media name/outletSun
Date of coverage6/11/17
TitleDiabetes does not respect any social barriers
Media name/outletDaily Express
Date of coverage6/11/17
TitleType two diabetes 'can shorten lifespan'
Media name/outletScottish Daily Mail
Date of coverage6/11/17
TitleShorter life span for type two diabetes sufferes
Media name/outletThe National
Date of coverage6/11/17
TitleType 2 diabetes is linked to shorter life expectancy
Media name/outletEvening Times
Date of coverage6/11/17
TitleType 2 diabetes 'lowers life expectancies'
Media name/outletBBC News
Date of coverage7/11/17

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