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Visiting staff member Dr Ivy Shuie makes link between TV ‘box set binges’ and ill health

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TitleWarning: box set binges can seriously damage your health
Media name/outletSunday Herald
Date of coverage13/03/16
TitleWatching too much tlevision greatly increases the risks of ill health
Media name/outletThe Herald
Date of coverage14/03/16
Title<p>Netflix &amp; ill</p>
Media name/outletDaily Record
Date of coverage14/03/16
TitleBox-set binges come with a health risk
Media name/outletThe Scotsman
Date of coverage14/03/16
TitleBox set binge 'can damage your health'
Media name/outletEdinburgh Evening News
Date of coverage14/03/16
TitleWarning: box set binges can damage your health
Media name/outletThe Courier
Date of coverage15/03/16

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