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Zebrafish researchers at Centre for Neuroregeneration awarded £1m to lead spinal cord research

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TitleCity scientists lead spinal cord research after £1m EU grant
Media name/outletEdinburgh Evening News
Date of coverage30/11/16
TitleTropical fish to boost spinal injury recovery
Media name/outletThe Scotsman
Date of coverage2/12/16
TitleZebrafish could provide clue to spinal injuries
Media name/outleti
Date of coverage30/11/16
Title£1m to research spinal damage
Media name/outletThe Herald
Date of coverage30/11/16
Title£1m grant boosts zebra fish research into paralysis
Media name/outletIrish Independent (Ireland)
Date of coverage30/11/16
TitleEurope-wide cooperation for spinal cord research receives 1.3 million euros in funding.
Media name/outletInnovations-report (Germany)
Date of coverage11/12/16

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