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Chicken cecal metagenome assembled genomes


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PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Date made available15 Jul 2019


We sequenced DNA from cecal contents samples taken from 24 chickens belonging to either a fast or slower growing breed consuming either a vegetable-only diet or a diet containing fish meal. We utilised 1.6T of Illumina data to construct 469 draft metagenome-assembled bacterial genomes, including 460 novel strains, 283 novel species and 42 novel genera.

Data Citation

Glendinning, Laura; Watson, Kellie; Pallen, Mark; Stewart, Robert; Watson, Mick. (2019). Chicken cecal metagenome assembled genomes, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. The Roslin Institute. https://doi.org/10.7488/ds/2584

ID: 105774523