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Dynamical analysis of bacteria in microscopy movies


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PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Date made available1 Jul 2019


This dataset contains data corresponding to figures in the manuscript "Dynamical analysis of bacteria in microscopy movies", which itself is a follow-up to a recently published work (Science Advances, 4, 4, eaao1170, 2018). Figures describe and explain in more detail the dynamical analysis of individual bacteria to investigate population heterogeneities as well as the algorithms used to do this. The algorithms themselves are available on GitHub (reference to be added after publication).

Data Citation

Vissers, Teun; Koumakis, Nick; Hermes, Michiel; Brown, Aidan T; Schwarz-Linek, Jana; Dawson, Angela; Poon, Wilson C K. (2018). Dynamical analysis of bacteria in microscopy movies, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh.

ID: 74619209