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Liquid Migration in Shear Thickening Suspensions Flowing through Constrictions


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PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Date made available30 Aug 2019


Dense suspensions often become more dilute as they move downstream through a constriction. We find that as a shear-thickening suspension is extruded through a narrow die and undergoes such liquid migration, the extrudate maintains a steady concentration, independent of time or initial concentration. At low volumetric flow rate Q, this concentration is a universal function of Q/r^3, a characteristic shear rate in the die of radius r, and coincides with the critical input concentration for the onset of liquid migration. We predict this function by coupling the Wyart-Cates model for shear thickening and the 'suspension balance model' for solvent permeation through particles.

Data Citation

O'Neill, Rory E; Royer, John R; Poon, Wilson CK. (2019). Liquid Migration in Shear Thickening Suspensions Flowing through Constrictions, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. School of Physics and Astronomy. https://doi.org/10.7488/ds/2617.

ID: 110510587