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Liz Glass TB Project Genotyping Results


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PublisherEdinburgh DataVault
Temporal coverage2006 - 2017
Date of data production27 Apr 2011 - 27 Apr 2011
Date made availableAug 2017


Raw SNP data and ancillary files from genome wide association studies on bovine tuberculosis BBSRC funded projects: CEDFAS initiative grants BB/E018386/1 and BB/E018335/1 and 2; Animal Health Research Club grant BB/L004054/1; Institute Strategic Programme Grants (ISP3 Innate Immunity & Endemic Disease) [BB/J004227/1], (ISP1 Analysis and Prediction in Complex Animal Systems) [BB/J004235/1] and (ISP2 Control of Infectious Diseases) [BB/P013740/1].


Holstein-Friesian raw SNP data.

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This dataset is held in the Edinburgh DataVault, accessible only to authorised University of Edinburgh staff. To request access to the data please contact the Depositor, or in their absence the Contact Person or Data Manager, named on this page. Further information on retrieving data from the DataVault can be found at: http://www.ed.ac.uk/information-services/research-support/research-data-service/sharing-preserving-data/datavault/interim-datavault/retrieve-data.

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  • Liz_Glass_TB_Project_Genotyping_Results

    Storage locationEdinburgh Datavault
    Access descriptionThis dataset is held in the DataVault, directly accessible only to authorised University of Edinburgh staff. To request a copy, contact the Depositor, or the Contact Person or Data Manager. Further info: http://www.ed.ac.uk/is/research-support/datavault

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