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LTP data from MAPT-AD experiment and APP/PS1 experiment


Date of data production2015 - 2015
Date made available2018


The repository contains data from electrophysiology recordings from hippocampal brain slices to measure long term potentiation.

The data contain experiments from 2 experiment.
LTP_MAPTAD contains data from the following genotypes:
- MAPT-null
- MAPT-null x APP/PS1
- MAPT-null x rTg21221
- MAPT-null x rTg21221 x APP/PS1

LTP_APPPS1 contains data from the following genotypes:
- APP/PS1 +/-
- APP/PS1 -/-

- LTP_ARUK_Information.csv: File detailing contents of folder. Contains the following variables:
- FolderName: string in the format of dd.mm.yyyy or yyyymmdd specifying the date of the recording
- ParentFileName: a string specifying the root name of the file. Suffix pp = paired-pulse, Suffix bl=baseline; suffix io=input output
- Repeats: 0 contains data for input output and/or baseline recordings; 1 contains data for high frequency tetanus; 2 post-tetanus acquisition.
>2 are further tetanisations or post tetanus recordings. For Animals G194 and G185, the input-output file was saved separately with suffix “io”.
Details of stimulus intensities in hand-written lab book
- AnimalID: String specifying the AnimalID
- Slice: Slice number, increasing from dorsal to ventral, or unknown
- DecodingARUK.csv: File specifying genotypes for MouseID
- Folders labelled by date containing .wcp files acquired on specified date. Files as detailed in LTP_ARUK_Information.csv.
Data can be opened using WinWCP available from http://spider.science.strath.ac.uk/sipbs/software_ses.htm

Data Citation

LTP data from MAPT-AD experiment and APP/PS1 experiment. Oren, I. Spires-Jones, T., Edinburgh DataVault, 2018, DOI: 10.7488/bacc399c-0d03-41d6-92b9-a180d6dc7b84

Reason for data restriction and conditions for release

This dataset is held in the Edinburgh DataVault, accessible only to authorised University of Edinburgh staff. To request access to the data please contact the Depositor, or in their absence the Contact Person or Data Manager, named on this page. Further information on retrieving data from the DataVault can be found at: http://www.ed.ac.uk/information-services/research-support/research-data-service/sharing-preserving-data/datavault/interim-datavault/retrieve-data.

Physical data

  • Vault name: "LTP data from MAPT-AD experiment and APP/PS1 experiment"; Deposit name: "LTP_MAPTAD_APPPS1".

    Storage locationEdinburgh DataVault
    Access descriptionThis dataset is held in the DataVault, directly accessible only to University staff. To request a copy, contact the Depositor, or in their absence the Contact Person or Data Manager.

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