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Mobility, Mood and Place - Co-created Environments


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PublisherEdinburgh DataVault
Temporal coverage2013 - 2016
Date made available15 Sep 2017
Geographical coverageLothians (Scotland)


Three associated datasets generated by the Co-created Environments strand of the 3-year research project Mobility, Mood and Place (PI Professor Catharine Ward Thompson).

1. Environmental audits of older adults' walking routes - the FASTVIEW audit tool was used in combination with Google Street View to complete virtual street audits on the walking routes selected by 19 physically active older adults. Linked to the publication: Brookfield & Tilley 2016 Using virtual street audits to understand the walkability of older adults’ route choices.

2. Environmental preferences of persons with experience of stroke - Qualitative focus group data collected from 3 community stroke clubs capturing the views of 26 individuals with experience of stroke. The focus groups explored participants' 'enjoyable environments' (where they liked to spend time, what environments made them feel 'good' and so on). Linked to the publication: Brookfield & Mead 2016 Physical environments and community reintegration post-stroke: Qualitative insights from stroke clubs

3. Environmental preferences of diverse older adults (healthy volunteers, stroke survivors and people with dementia) - Interview and focus group data collected from 22 older adults including healthy volunteers (14), stroke survivors (5) and people with dementia (2) covering such subjects as: attitudes to the home, preferred environments, important aspects of the home and neighbourhood. Linked to the publications: Brookfield et aL. 2017 The uncommon impact of common environmental details on walking in older adults, and, Brookfield et al. 2015 The home as enabler of active lifestyles among older people.


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Reason for data restriction and conditions for release

This dataset is held in the Edinburgh DataVault, accessible only to authorised University of Edinburgh staff. Ethical approval did not include permission to share the data beyond the research project within which the data were collected. Participants did not give their consent for the data to be shared beyond the research project within which the data were collected.

Physical data

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    Storage locationEdinburgh DataVault
    Access descriptionThis dataset is held in the DataVault, directly accessible only to University staff. To request a copy, contact the Depositor, or in their absence the Contact Person or Data Manager.

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