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Schistosoma haematobium proteomes


  • Javier Sotillo (Data Manager)
  • Mark S. Pearson (Data Collector)
  • Luke Becker (Creator)
  • Gebeyaw G Mekonnen (Data Collector)
  • Abena S Amoah (Creator)
  • Govert van Dam (Data Collector)
  • Paul L A M Corstjens (Data Collector)
  • Janice Murray (Data Collector)
  • Takafira Mduluza (Creator)
  • Francisca Mutapi (Data Collector)
  • Alex Loukas (Data Manager)

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PublisherPRIDE database hosted by European Bioinformatics Institute, EBI
Date made available9 Apr 2019


Despite the clear role of adult secreted and tegumental proteins as well as egg proteins in host-parasite interactions, there has not been any in-depth proteomic analysis of these or other Schistosoma haematobium proteomes. In the current project we have carried out the first comprehensive proteomic analysis of S. haematobium. The characterisation of the molecules playing a key role at the interphase between the host and the parasite is crucial for (i) a better understanding of the parasite’s biology and, (ii) for the development of new control and diagnostic approaches to tackle parasitic infections.

Data Citation

Sotillo J, Pearson MS, Becker L, Mekonnen GG, Amoah AS, van Dam G, Corstjens PLAM, Murray J, Mduluza T, Mutapi F, Loukas A, In-depth proteomic characterization of Schistosoma haematobium: Towards the development of new tools for elimination. ProteomeXchange Consortium via the PRIDE partner repository with the dataset identifier <PXD011137>. https://www.ebi.ac.uk/pride/archive/projects/PXD011137

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