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  1. 3rd place Award in the EMBC17 international student paper competition

    Eli Kinney-lang (Recipient), Loukianos Spyrou (Recipient), Ahmed Ebied (Recipient), Chin, Richard (Recipient) & Escudero Rodriguez, Javier (Recipient), Jul 2017

    Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)

  2. Adjunct Professor of Functional Disorders in Neurology

    Stone, Jon (Recipient), 29 Nov 2018

    Prize: Appointment

  3. Association of European Psychiatrists Poster Prize 2007

    McIntosh, Andrew (Recipient), 2002

    Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)

  4. Autistica Public Engagement Award

    Crompton, Catherine (Recipient), 2018

    Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)

  5. Award from Edinburgh Neuroscience RS MacDonald Seedcorn Fund

    Stavrou, Maria (Recipient), 2 Nov 2020

    Prize: Fellowships awarded competitively

  6. BSAS Robertson award

    Howard, David (Recipient), 2014

    Prize: Other distinctions

  7. Birrell-Gray Travelling Scholarship

    Howard, David (Recipient), 2013

    Prize: Other distinctions

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