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  1. Improved precision of epigenetic clock estimates across tissues and its implication for biological ageing

    Zhang, Q., Vallerga, C. L., Walker, R. M., Lin, T., Henders, A. K., Montgomery, G. W., He, J., Fan, D., Fowdar, J., Kennedy, M., Pitcher, T., Pearson, J., Halliday, G., Kwok, J. B., Hickie, I., Lewis, S., Anderson, T., Silburn, P. A., Mellick, G. D., Harris, S. E. & 13 others, Redmond, P., Murray, A. D., Porteous, D. J., Haley, C. S., Evans, K. L., Mcintosh, A. M., Yang, J., Gratten, J., Marioni, R. E., Wray, N. R., Deary, I. J., Mcrae, A. F. & Visscher, P. M., 23 Aug 2019, In : Genome Medicine. 11, 1, 54.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  2. Inherited chromosomally integrated human herpesvirus 6 genomes are ancient, intact and potentially able to reactivate from telomeres

    Zhang, E., Bell, A. J., Wilkie, G. S., Suárez, N. M., Batini, C., Veal, C. D., Armendáriz-Castillo, I., Neumann, R., Cotton, V. E., Huang, Y., Porteous, D. J., Jarrett, R. F., Davison, A. J. & Royle, N. J., 15 Nov 2017, In : Journal of Virology. 91, 18

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  3. A Novel Urinary Peptidomic Classifier Predicts Incident Heart Failure

    Zhang, Z., Ravassa, S., Nkuipou-Kenfack, E., Yang, W. Y., Kerr, S., Koeck, T., Campbell, A., Kuznetsova, T., Mischak, H., Padmanabhan, S., Dominiczak, A. F., Delles, C. & Staessen, J. A., 7 Aug 2017, In : Journal of the American Heart Association. 6, 8, 12 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  4. Human intracellular ISG15 prevents interferon-α/β over-amplification and auto-inflammation

    Zhang, X., Bogunovic, D., Payelle-brogard, B., Francois-newton, V., Speer, S. D., Yuan, C., Volpi, S., Li, Z., Sanal, O., Mansouri, D., Tezcan, I., Rice, G. I., Chen, C., Mansouri, N., Mahdaviani, S. A., Itan, Y., Boisson, B., Okada, S., Zeng, L., Wang, X. & 25 others, Jiang, H., Liu, W., Han, T., Liu, D., Ma, T., Wang, B., Liu, M., Liu, J., Wang, Q. K., Yalnizoglu, D., Radoshevich, L., Uzé, G., Gros, P., Rozenberg, F., Zhang, S., Jouanguy, E., Bustamante, J., García-sastre, A., Abel, L., Lebon, P., Notarangelo, L. D., Crow, Y. J., Boisson-dupuis, S., Casanova, J. & Pellegrini, S., 1 Jan 2015, In : Nature. 517, 7532, p. 89-93

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  5. Macrophage 11β-HSD1 deficiency promotes inflammatory angiogenesis

    Zhang, Z., Coutinho, A. E., Man, J. T. Y., Kipari, T. M. J., Hadoke, P., Salter, D. M., Seckl, J. R. & Chapman, K., 4 Jul 2017, In : Journal of Endocrinology.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  6. Genotype effects contribute to variation in longitudinal methylome patterns in older people

    Zhang, Q., Marioni, R., Robinson, M. R., Higham, J., Sproul, D., Wray, N. R., Deary, I., Mcrae, A. F. & Visscher, P. M., 22 Oct 2018, In : Genome Medicine. 10, 75, p. 1-11

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  7. The zinc transporter ZIP12 regulates the pulmonary vascular response to chronic hypoxia

    Zhao, L., Oliver, E., Maratou, K., Atanur, S. S., Dubois, O. D., Cotroneo, E., Chen, C-N., Wang, L., Arce, C., Chabosseau, P. L., Ponsa-Cobas, J., Frid, M. G., Moyon, B., Webster, Z., Aldashev, A., Ferrer, J., Rutter, G. A., Stenmark, K. R., Aitman, T. J. & Wilkins, M. R., 10 Aug 2015, In : Nature.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  8. Whole-genome sequencing identifies EN1 as a determinant of bone density and fracture

    UK10K Consortium & AOGC Consortium, 14 Sep 2015, In : Nature.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle