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Division of Infection and Pathway Medicine

Organisational unit: Research Centre

  1. Beacon Project

    Ghazal, P., Crain, J., Mount, A., Walton, A. & Terry, J.

    UK central government bodies/local authorities, health and hospital authorities


    Project: Research

  2. Bootstrapping and support vector machines with R and SPRINT

    Sloan, T., Mewissen, M., Forster, T., Piotrowski, M. & Cebamanos, L.


    Project: Awarded Facility Time

  3. Chronic Wound Care

    Bachmann, T., Campbell, C., Crain, J., Ghazal, P., Walton, A. & Pethig, R.

    UK industry, commerce and public corporations


    Project: Research

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