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  1. South of Scotland Castles of the 15th Century

    MacQueen, H. (Creator), Ward, P. (Creator), Macdonald, S. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 27 Apr 2016, 10.7488/ds/1392


  2. Scottish Election Results 1997 - 2009

    Hamilton, G. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 6 Oct 2009, 10.7488/ds/91


  3. QUANGO Watch - Survey of non-elected public bodies in Scotland, 1995 

    Brown, A. (Creator), McCrone, D. (Creator), Atherton, G. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 15 Oct 2009, 10.7488/ds/98


  4. Para-Situation [Mumbai]

    Wiszniewski, D. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 2016


  5. Negotiating Sonic Space for Group Electronics

    Green, O. (Creator), Williams, S. (Creator), Murray-Rust, D. (Creator), Rawlinson, J. (Creator), Hayes, L. (Creator), Meckin, D. (Creator), Zhang, L. (Creator), Ekeus, H. (Creator), Kellet, R. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 5 Apr 2015, 10.7488/ds/1364


  6. Interpretation and performance practice in realising Stockhausen’s Studie II

    Williams, S. (Creator), von Jungenfeld, R. (Creator), Stockhausen, K. (Creator), Webb, C. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 11 Nov 2015, 10.7488/ds/325


  7. Handwriting Guide / Clàr-iùil Làmh-sgrìobhaidh

    Stewart, D. (Creator), Stewart, K. (Creator), University of Edinburgh, 23 Jun 2011


  8. Database of Dedications to Saints in Medieval Scotland 

    Macdonald, S. (Creator), Davies, J. (Creator), Williamson, E. (Creator), Boardman, S. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 5 Sep 2008, 10.7488/ds/153