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  1. Energy and Forced Displacement Burkina Faso Dataset

    Yemtim, A. (Creator), Lebongo, A. (Creator), Ray, C. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 21 Sep 2018, 10.7488/ds/2442


  2. Energy and Forced Displacement Kenya Dataset

    Rosenberg-Jansen, S. (Creator), Okello, A. (Creator), Njoki, E. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 21 Sep 2018, 10.7488/ds/2441


  3. Household survey data from Low-Income Settlements in Nairobi and Kathmandu, examining exposure to violence and justice seeking behaviour

    Kelly, T. (Creator), Sijapati, B. (Creator), Kiama, P. (Creator), Sharma, J. (Creator), Jensen, S. (Creator), Christiansen, C. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 6 Jul 2017, 10.7488/ds/2095


  4. Interview data from 'new norms and forms of development'

    Adhikari, R. (Creator), Sharma, J. (Creator), Mandambwe, K. (Creator), Smith, P. (Creator), Harper, I. (Creator), Malata, A. (Creator), Chand, O. (Creator), Thapa, D. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 25 May 2017, 10.7488/ds/2048


  5. Para-Situation [Mumbai]

    Wiszniewski, D. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 2016


  6. Simulation data: Experiments in Globalisation, Food Security and Land Use Decision Making 

    Brown, C. (Creator), Murray-Rust, D. (Creator), Vliet, J. V. (Creator), Alam, S. (Creator), Verburg, P. H. (Creator), Rounsevell, M. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 6 Nov 2014, 10.7488/ds/164