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  1. A synapse proteome resource for mouse brain regions

    Roy, M. (Creator), Sorokina, O. (Creator), McLean, C. (Creator), Silvia, T. (Creator), DeFelipe, J. (Creator), Armstrong, D. (Creator), Grant, S. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 2 Aug 2018, 10.7488/ds/2399


  2. Algal phospho- and protein rhythms mass spec data

    Imrie, L. (Creator), Millar, A. (Creator), Noordally, Z. (Creator), Hindle, M. (Creator), Martin, S. (Creator), Seaton, D. (Creator), Simpson, I. (Creator), Le Bihan, T. (Creator), Edinburgh DataVault, 2019, 10.7488/8a96caae-db2a-42c5-9361-e366faa26e3f


  3. Macro-socioeconomic-energy Model for Technology Pathways, 7see-GB, 2017

    Roberts, S. H. (Creator), Goddard, N. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 24 Nov 2017, 10.7488/ds/2252


  4. Piezo is essential for amiloride-sensitive stretch-activated mechanotransduction in larval Drosophila dorsal bipolar dendritic sensory neurons. 

    Suslak, T. (Creator), Watson, S. (Creator), Thompson, K. J. (Creator), Shenton, F. C. (Creator), Bewick, G. (Creator), Armstrong, D. (Creator), Jarman, A. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 8 Jun 2015, 10.7488/ds/255


  5. Proteomic analysis of postsynaptic proteins in regions of the human neocortex

    Grant, S. (Creator), Roy, M. (Creator), Sorokina, O. (Creator), Skene, N. (Creator), Simonnet, C. (Creator), Smith, C. (Creator), Armstrong, D. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 1 Sep 2017, 10.7488/ds/2789


  6. Robust Data-driven Macro-socioeconomic-energy Model, 7see-GB 

    Goddard, N. (Creator), Roberts, S. (Creator), Axon, C. (Creator), Foran, B. (Creator), Warr, B. S. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 23 Apr 2015, 10.7488/ds/231


  7. Robust Data-driven Macro-socioeconomic-energy Model, 7see-GB, 2016

    Roberts, S. (Creator), Axon, C. (Creator), Foran, B. (Creator), Goddard, N. (Creator), Warr, B. S. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 1 Dec 2016, 10.7488/ds/1574


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