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  1. A Survey on Developer-Centred Security

    Tahaei, M. (Creator), Vaniea, K. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 18 Apr 2019, 10.7488/ds/2535


  2. A synapse proteome resource for mouse brain regions

    Roy, M. (Creator), Sorokina, O. (Creator), McLean, C. (Creator), Silvia, T. (Creator), DeFelipe, J. (Creator), Armstrong, D. (Creator), Grant, S. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 2 Aug 2018, 10.7488/ds/2399


  3. ASVspoof 2019: The 3rd Automatic Speaker Verification Spoofing and Countermeasures Challenge database

    Yamagishi, J. (Creator), Todisco, M. (Creator), Sahidullah, M. (Creator), Delgado, H. (Creator), Wang, X. (Creator), Evans, N. (Creator), Kinnunen, T. (Creator), Lee, K. A. (Creator), Vestman, V. (Creator), Nautsch, A. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 4 Jun 2019, 10.7488/ds/2555


  4. Alba speech corpus

    Valentini Botinhao, C. (Creator), Yamagishi, J. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 6 Mar 2019, 10.7488/ds/2506


  5. Algal phospho- and protein rhythms mass spec data

    Imrie, L. (Creator), Millar, A. (Creator), Noordally, Z. (Creator), Hindle, M. (Creator), Martin, S. (Creator), Seaton, D. (Creator), Simpson, I. (Creator), Le Bihan, T. (Creator), Edinburgh DataVault, 2019, 10.7488/8a96caae-db2a-42c5-9361-e366faa26e3f


  6. Analysis software for model checking Edinburgh buses

    Reijsbergen, D. (Creator), Gao, W. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 1 Sep 2016, 10.7488/ds/1472


  7. Artificial Personality

    Wester, M. (Creator), Aylett, M. (Creator), Tomalin, M. (Creator), Dall, R. (Creator), School of Informatics , 2015, 10.7488/ds/254


  8. Automatic Speaker Verification Spoofing and Countermeasures Challenge (ASVspoof 2015) Database 

    Wu, Z. (Creator), Kinnunen, T. (Creator), Evans, N. (Creator), Yamagishi, J. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 17 Sep 2015, 10.7488/ds/298


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