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  1. 2020
  2. Intensive versus guideline‐recommended blood pressure reduction in acute lacunar stroke with intravenous thrombolysis therapy: the ENCHANTED trial

    Zhou, Z., Xia, C., Carcel, C., Yoshimura, S., Wang, X., Delcourt, C., Malavera, A., Chen, X., Mair, G., Woodward, M., Chalmers, J., Demchuk, A. M., Lindley, R. I., Robinson, T. G., Parsons, M. W., Wardlaw, J. M. & Anderson, C. S., 17 Oct 2020, In : European Journal of Neurology.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  3. Brain imaging abnormalities and outcome after acute ischaemic stroke: the ENCHANTED trial

    Delcourt, C., Wang, X., Zhou, Z., Wardlaw, J., Mair, G., Robinson, T., Chen, X., Yoshimura, S., Torii-yoshimura, T., Carcel, C., Calic, Z., Yong Tan, W., Malavera, A., Anderson, C. S. & Lindley, R. I., 14 Oct 2020, In : Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  4. A new dawn of preventing dementia by preventing cerebrovascular diseases

    Pan, Y., Li, H., Wardlaw, J. M. & Wang, Y., 9 Oct 2020, In : British Medical Journal (BMJ). p. m3692

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  5. Predictive Intelligence in Medicine

    Rekik, I., Adeli, E., Park, S. H. P. & Valdes Hernandez, M., 8 Oct 2020

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  6. The glymphatic system and its role in cerebral homeostasis

    Benveniste, H., Elkin, R., Heerdt, P., Koundal, S., Xue, Y., Lee, H., Wardlaw, J. & Tannenbaum, A., 1 Oct 2020, In : Journal of Applied Physiology.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  7. Genetic correlations and genome-wide associations of cortical structure in general population samples of 22824 adults

    Hofer, E., Roshchupkin, G. V., Adams, H. H. H., Knol, M. J., Lin, H., Li, S., Zare, H., Ahmad, S., Armstrong, N. J., Satizabal, C. L., Bernard, M., Bis, J. C., Gillespie, N. A., Luciano, M., Mishra, A., Scholz, M., Teumer, A., Xia, R., Jian, X., Mosley, T. H. & 79 others, Saba, Y., Pirpamer, L., Seiler, S., Becker, J. T., Carmichael, O., Rotter, J. I., Psaty, B. M., Lopez, O. L., Amin, N., van der Lee, S. J., Yang, Q., Himali, J. J., Maillard, P., Beiser, A., DeCarli, C., Karama, S., Lewis, L., Harris, M., Bastin, M., Deary, I., Witte, A. V., Beyer, F., Loeffler, M., Mather, K. A., Schofield, P. R., Thalamuthu, A., Kwok, J. B. J., Wright, M. J., Ames, D., Trollor, J. N., Jiang, J., Brodaty, H., Wen, W., Vernooij, M. W., Hofman, A., Uitterlinden, A. G., Niessen, W. J., Wittfeld, K., Bülow, R., Völker, U., Pausova, Z., Pike, G. B., Maingault, S., Crivello, F., Tzourio, C., Amouyel, P., Mazoyer, B., Neale, M. C., Franz, C. E., Lyons, M. J., Panizzon, M. S., Andreassen, O. A., Dale, A. M., Logue, M. A., Grasby, K. L., Jahanshad, N., Painter, J. N., Colodro-Conde, L., Bralten, J., Hibar, D. P., Lind, P. A., Pizzagalli, F., Stein, J. L., Thompson, P., Medland, S. E., Sachdev, P. S., Kremen, W. S., Wardlaw, J., Villringer, A., van Duijn, C., Grabe, H. J., Longstreth, W. T., Fornage, M., Paus, T., Debette, S., Ikram, M. A., Schmidt, H., Schmidt, R. & Seshadri, S., 22 Sep 2020, In : Nature Communications. 11, 4796 .

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  8. 4D flow MRI for non-invasive measurement of blood flow in the brain: A systematic review

    Morgan, A. G., Thrippleton, M. J., Wardlaw, J. M. & Marshall, I., 16 Sep 2020, In : Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism. p. 0271678X2095201

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  9. A Review of Translational Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Human and Rodent Experimental Models of Small Vessel Disease

    Stringer, M. S., Lee, H., Huuskonen, M. T., Macintosh, B. J., Brown, R., Montagne, A., Atwi, S., Ramirez, J., Jansen, M. A., Marshall, I., Black, S. E., Zlokovic, B. V., Benveniste, H. & Wardlaw, J. M., 16 Sep 2020, In : Translational Stroke Research.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  10. Association of common genetic variants with brain microbleeds: A genome-wide association study

    Knol, M. J., Lu, D., Traylor, M., Adams, H. H. H., Rafael Romero, J., Smith, A. V., Fornage, M., Hofer, E., Liu, J., Hostettler, I., Luciano, M., Trompet, S., Giese, A-K., Hilal, S., van den Akker, E., Vojinovic, D., Li, S., Sigurdsson, S., van der Lee, S., Jack, C. R. & 43 others, Wilson, D., Yilmaz, P., Satizabal, C. L., Liewald, D., van der Grond, J., Chen, C., Saba, Y., van der Lugt, A., Bastin, M., Windham, B. G., Cheng, C-Y., Pirpamer, L., Kantarci, K., Himali, J. J., Yang, Q., Morris, Z., Beiser, A., Tozer, D. J., Vernooij, M. W., Amin, N., Beekman, M., Koh, J. Y., Stott, D., Houlden, H., Schmidt, R., Gottesman, R. F., Mackinnon, A., Decarli, C., Gudnason, V., Deary, I., van Duijn, C., Slagboom, P. E., Wong, T. Y., Rost, N., Wouter Jukema, J., Mosley, T. H., Werring, D., Schmidt, H., Wardlaw, J., Ikram, M. A., Seshadri, S., Lenore, L. J. & Markus, H. S., 10 Sep 2020, In : Neurology.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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