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Abel Arredondo Galeana

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Abel is working as Research Associate at the University of Edinburgh, with a focus on the fluid dynamics of morphing blades for tidal turbines. His current project consists in developing a smart oscillating membrane for flow separation control on the surface of a tidal blade, as part of CAMREG KP-10, working with Dr Aristides Kiprakis, Dr Ignazio Maria Viola and Dr Eddie McCarthy at the University of Edinburgh and Prof Feargal Brennan and Dr Saeid Lotfian at the University of Strathclyde. Abel is also RCo-I and the lead experimentalist of CAMREG flexifund QBlade project.

Previously, Abel was appointed in October 2018 to work with Dr Ignazio Maria Viola and Dr Anna Young from University of Bath, on the Metatide project to develop a morphing blade for load alleviation of tidal turbines. A manuscript is currently in preparation. As part of this project, Abel did a state-of-the-art analytical code study for Nova Innovation to demonstrate the load alleviation capabilities of a morphing blade concept.

Abel obtained his PhD in the winter of 2019. His thesis aimed to extend the understanding of the vortex flows of downwind sails, in particular the role of the leading-edge vortex (LEV) in downwind sailing. His Viva examiners were two of the current world leading aerodynamicists, Prof. Holger Babinsky and Prof. William Crowther. You can download Abel's thesis here.

Prior to his PhD, Abel was awarded a master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Systems in the University of Edinburgh, UK in 2014, with his thesis titled "On the progress on the design of a self-damping Flettner rotor". He worked several years as a wireline field engineer in Schlumberger and got his BSc in Mechatronics engineering in Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico with a semester abroad in Hochschule Furtwangen University, Germany. 


  • 2019, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Experimental Fluid Dynamics, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • 2014, Master of Science (MSc), Sustainable Energy Systems, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • 2005, Bachelor of Science (BSc), Mechatronics Engineering, Tecnológico de Monterrey, campus Cuernavaca, México

Research Interests

Tidal energy

Vortex flows

Experimental aerodynamics

Smart sensing

Flow control

ID: 79594176