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Dr Adam Kirrander

Senior Lecturer, Chancellor's Fellow

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Phone: +44(0)1316504716Mobile: +44(0)7905226075

Willingness to take PhD students: Yes

My research in a nutshell

Quantum dynamics of atoms and molecules, theory and simulations, ultrafast imaging

Current Research Interests

Our work is motivated by the opportunities provided by new light-sources, such as ultrafast lasers and free-electron x-ray lasers. Examples include:
  • ultrafast dynamics of molecules, atoms and electrons (photochemistry)
  • coherent control (using light to control chemistry)
  • time-resolved x-ray diffraction (molecular movies)
  • high-resolution spectroscopy and exotic quantum states

The ultimate goal is sophisticated understanding, manipulation, and design of molecules, molecular properties and atomic level processes. To reach this goal, we need to develop theoretical and computational methods to describe how the nuclei and electrons move together during a chemical process. Such methods bridge the gap between traditional molecular dynamics (what are the atoms doing?) and quantum chemistry (what are the electrons doing?), and will help us reach a full understanding of photochemical processes.


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