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Dr Alan Fox

(Former employee or visitor)

Current Research Interests

My current research interests are Lagrangian particle tracking in ocean models and connectivity of deep-sea benthic ecosystems. My recent work focusses on using particle tracking models to predict the sensitivity of deep-sea ecosystem connectivity to species life-history traits and changing atmospheric conditions. I also work on optimal methods for incorporating connectivity information into the design of marine protected area networks.

I am currently working on the EU-funded ATLAS project.


After a first degree in mathematics at Newcastle University (1983-86) I did an MSc and PhD in physical oceanography at Bangor University. A brief diversion into marine consultancy work followed, then I returned to academia and spent 10 years conducting research on nested ocean models and ocean data assimilation at the Universities of Exeter, Edinburgh and Reading. A young family and other commitments then took me away from scientific research for a while.

11 years later an interest in marine conservation developed through voluntary work led me back into academic research via a Daphne Jackson Research Fellowship with J. Murray Roberts and David Corne at Heriot-Watt University, before moving to my current post at Edinburgh University working on the ATLAS project.

ID: 29038586