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Dr Andrea E Martin

(Former employee or visitor)

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Willingness to take Ph.D. students: Yes

Education / Academic qualification

Bachelor of Arts, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA, USA
The role of semantic verb type in syntactic ambiguity: An ERP investigation
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), New York University
Memory operations and structures in sentence comprehension: Evidence from ellipsis
Master of Science, New York University

Research Interests

psychology of language, cognitive neuroscience, sentence processing, dialogue, ellipsis

recognition memory, cognitive psychology, computational modeling,

two-person neuroscience, speed-accuracy tradeoff


Teaching Interests

statistics, scientific method, philosophy of science, psychology of language, memory, cognitive neuroscience, cognitive psychology, introductory psychology, introductory linguistics


Current teaching at the University of Edinburgh  2012-14

Research Methods and Statistics  (300 students, Year 1 of Psychology degree)

Cognitive Psychology (150-200 students, Year 2 of Psychology degree)

Literature Review (Groups of 3 students, Year 3 of Psychology degree)

Hypothesis Testing tutorial (Groups of 6 students, Year 4 of Psychology degree)

Specialist Techniques in Psychological Research (30 students, MSc level)

Administrative Roles

PPLS level

July 2015-present       Director of Cognitive Neuroscience Suite

2013-14           Computing and Equipment Committee, Representative for Psychology


Departmental Level

2012-Present   Athena Swan Gender Equality Self-assessment Committee 

2012-Present   Cognitive Science degree sub-committee 

2013-Present   Psychology Research Infrastructure Group

2013-14           Volunteer Research Assistance Programme Coordinator

2012-14           Year 3 Group Project Course Organiser 

2012                Human Cognitive Neuroscience Committee 

2012                Statistics teaching review sub-committee


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