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Prof Andrew Liddle

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Willingness to take PhD students: Yes

Precision constraints on inflationary cosmology

Education/Academic qualification

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Glasgow
Scalar fields in cosmology and astrophysics
Bachelor of Science, University of Glasgow
Mathematics and Physics

Professional Qualifications

Fellow of the Institute of Physics, FInstP

Research Interests

I am a theoretical cosmologist interested in the use of astrophysical observations to constrain both cosmological models and fundamental physics. Particular areas of expertise are cosmological inflation, cosmic microwave background anisotropies, and dark energy. While my work is primary theoretical, I am a member of the Planck Satellite collaboration and of the Dark Energy Survey Collaboration. I am also a member of the DiRAC:COSMOS high-performance computing collaboration which runs a large facility in Cambridge.

Visiting and Research Positions

Visiting professor at the University of Sussex

Research students

David Edwards (started 2013)

Nelson Lima (started 2012)

Vanessa Smer (started 2012)

Collaborative Activity

Planck Satellite Collaboration

Dark Energy Survey

XMM Cluster Survey

DiRAC:COSMOS supercomputing consortium


Lecturer for Advanced Cosmology (Level 11 course video broadcast to SUPA)

Project supervisor (currently two senior honours projects)

Member of the Physics Skills examination team

Administrative Roles

PhD convenor for the Institute for Astronomy

Deputy Chair of the School Graduate Studies Committee

Convener of Mathematical Phsyics degree review (Sep 2013 to Mar 2014)

ID: 5799317