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  1. Algal phospho- and protein rhythms mass spec data

    Imrie, L. (Creator), Millar, A. (Creator), Noordally, Z. (Creator), Hindle, M. (Creator), Martin, S. (Creator), Seaton, D. (Creator), Simpson, I. (Creator), Le Bihan, T. (Creator), Edinburgh DataVault, 2019, 10.7488/8a96caae-db2a-42c5-9361-e366faa26e3f


  2. Circadian expression of genes: modelling the Arabidopsis circadian clock

    Edwards, K. D. (Creator), Millar, A. (Creator), University of Edinburgh, 2005


  3. Circadian gene expression under different light treatments by transcriptome profiling on microarrays

    Edwards, K. D. (Creator), Millar, A. (Creator), University of Edinburgh, 2007


  4. Data sets for Millar et al. bioRxiv 2015

    Millar, A. (Creator), Carrington, J. T. (Creator), Tee, W. V. (Creator), Hodge, S. (Creator), bioRxiv, at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 17 Dec 2015, 10.1101/034629


  5. Data, Code and Models for Flis et al. RS Open Biology 2015

    Millar, A. (Creator), Flis, A. (Creator), Mengin, V. (Creator), Stitt, M. (Creator), Fern√°ndez, A. P. (Creator), McWatters, H. G. (Creator), Halliday, K. (Creator), The Royal Society, 2015


  6. Eleven partial DNA sequences of orthologues of the flowering time gene FLC in cultivars of Brassica oleracea.

    Salathia, N. S. (Creator), Millar, A. (Creator), King, G. J. (Creator), University of Edinburgh, 2003


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