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Ann Wheeler

Imaging Facilities Manager

Education/Academic qualification

2000Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of London
The role of RhoGTPases in macrophage motility and morphology
1995Master of Biochemistry, University of Oxford

Professional Qualifications

2013Fellow of Royal Microscopial Society, FRMS

Area of Expertise

Research expertiseAdvanced light microscopy , Fixed and live cell imaging including spinning disc confocal microscopy, 3D image rendering and analysis, FRET, FLAP and FRAP imaging, TIRF microscopy, Super-resolution imaging, quantitative image analysis including use of such packages as Metamorph and Imaris. Microscope system design and build. Cell culture of both cell lines and primary cells, use of gels and tissue engineered substrates, immunofluorescence, molecular biology. High content screening.


I direct the advanced imaging resource which comprises 20 different imaging systems and image informatics. As well as this I work to develop new methodologies relevant to the research carried out at the Human Genetics Unit. I have a particular focus on methodologies applied to super-resolution imaging and development of biocompatible substrates for advanced imaging through the Edinburgh Interdisciplinary Super-Resolution Consortium  www.esric.org

ID: 20075931