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Anna Williams

Personal chair of Regenerative neurology

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Current Research Interests

Pathology of multiple sclerosis lesions and cerebral small vessel disease

Remyelination in the central nervous system - mechanisms and manipulation.

Mechanisms of white matter changes in cerebral small vessel disease

Improving models of multiple sclerosis and cerebral small vessel disease

My research in a nutshell

We are interested in how the brain responds to damage, particularly in the diseases multiple sclerosis and cerebral small vessel disease. In both of these diseases there is a disorder of myelin, which is the fatty substance that covers the nerves, similar to the insulation on wires. Myelin is important for helping nerves conduction electricity fast and in providing nutririon for the nerve, and can be restored after injury. We are investigating how this injury happens, and how is it restored with the aim of trying to make the repair process more efficient. We then may be able to find therapies that improve brain repair and help patients with these diseases.

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