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Brian McKinstry

UoE Retired Staff

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Brian McKinstry is a general practitioner and Professor of Primary Care eHealth at the University of Edinburgh.  He is co-director of the Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit and SHARE the Scottish Health Research Register. His research interests are mainly around Health Service Research particularly in remote information exchange between clinicians and patients. His recent research has centred on telehealthcare and he has carried out several randomised controlled trials and qualitative studies in this area. These studies include telemonitoring of chronic obstructive airways disease, heart failure, high blood pressure and diabetes along with studies of satellite location for wandering people with dementia, the use of gamification to encourage children and adolescents to adopt healthier lifestyles,  developing artificially intelligent avatar based systems for monitoring depression, robotic dispensing, remote measurement of  cough and respiratory rate and the use of machine learning on patient accrued data to develop improved telemonitoring algorithms.

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