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Dr. Brian Pendleton


Willingness to take PhD students: Yes

Lattice Field Theory

Research Interests

  • Particle Physics Theory
  • Quantum Field Theory
  • Lattice Field Theory, especially Lattice QCD
  • Algorithms for Lattice Field Theory simulations, especially with fermions
  • BSM/Higgs Physics
  • Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics (Management Committee)


  • Pre-Honours Vector Calculus - lecturer/tutor
  • Pre-Honours Dynamics and Vector Calculus - course organiser
  • Quantum Theory - lecturer/tutor
  • MPhys project supervisor - Quantum Theory on a Computer
  • MSc Theoretical Physics, MSc Mathematical Physics - programme director
  • Problem Solving in Theoretical Physics - member of course team
  • Mathematics Skills - member of course team
  • Dissertation in Theoretical/Mathematical Physics - course organiser
  • Personal Tutor - Mathematical Physics (mostly)

ID: 24960