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Catherine Heeney

Research Fellow (Global Digital Exemplars), Research Fellow


Since May 2019 Catherine has been a senior researcher on the Optimising ePrescribing Project within Edinburgh University's Usher Institute.  This work forms part of an ambitious and policy facing Programme of work headed by Professor Aziz Sheikh - looking at digital infrastructures, which will form the basis of healthcare management within the NHS.  Previously, Catherine was based within Science, Technology and Inovation studies at Edinburgh looking at how the concept of risk informed scientific work on the genetics of common complex disease. This was part of a Wellcome Trust funded project Making Genomic Medicine, headed by Steve Sturdy. 

Catherine has worked at the Spanish National Research Centre in Madrid in the Department of Science, Technogy and Gender at the Institute of Philosophy and at the Ethox centre within the Department of Public Health at the University of Oxford.  Her research has looked at many interelated aspects of genetics and health, including ethical and sociological issues around scientific collaboration and data sharing. 


ID: 15152670