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Chris Sibley

Sir Henry Dale Fellow

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Willingness to take PhD students: Yes

Modelling of functional RBP networks relevant to neurological disease, time-resolved single cell transcriptomics of disease relevant iPSC models, single cell multi-omics, single cell analysis of neurodevelopmental disease models

Area of Expertise

Research expertiseFunctional Genomics, RNA biology, Splicing, RNA-binding proteins, Single cell RNA-seq, CLIP, ALS, Neurodegeneration, Neurodevelopment, Autism

My research in a nutshell

My research group aims to understand how RNA metabolism is regulated in the central nervous system in both health and disease. A diverse range of wet and dry-lab techniques are used to achieve this (e.g human induced pluripotent stem cell culture, CLIP, single-cell RNA sequencing, gene regulatory network modelling). Accordingly, the group is positioned to work at the interface of systems biology, RNA biology and molecular neuroscience. Our on-going research programmes are focussed specifically upon ALS and autism.


Website: http://www.thesibleylab.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheSibleyLab

E-mail: chris.sibley@ed.ac.uk

ID: 96560378