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Christopher Southan

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Education/Academic qualification

Doctor of Science, Ludwig-Maximillian Universitait Munchen
Studies on Genetically Abnormal Fibrinogens
Master in Science, University of Reading
Studies on the Insect Virus of the Indian Meal Moth
Bachelor of Science, University of Dundee

Area of Expertise

Research expertiseCheminformatics, Bioninformatics, Drug discovery, Genomics, Protein sequence analysis, Bioactivity databases, Sequence databases


Christopher Southan joined the IUPHAR/BPS Guide to PHARMACOLOGY database curation team (http://www.guidetopharmacology.org/) in 2013, working remotely from Sweden. Previously he established the TW2Informatics Drug Discovery Informatics Consultancy in Göteborg Sweden, working mainly on patent informatics. Prior to this he was a contractor for the AstraZeneca Knowledge Engineering Program (2009-2011). Earlier positions include the ELIXIR Database Provider Survey for the EBI (2008-9), Principle Scientist and Bioinformatics Team Leader at AstraZeneca, Mölndal (2004-7) and senior bioinformatics positions in Oxford Glycosciences (2002-3) Gemini Genomics (2001) and SmithKline Beecham (1987–2000). He has 74 PubMed entries (Jan 2016) with 5417 citations giving an h-index of 28. He is an Honorary Professor of Proteomics at Nottingham University, PhD from the University of Munich, M.Sc. in Virology from Reading University and a B.Sc.Hons. Biochemistry from Dundee University. Further information is on his LinkedIN profile.

Current Research Interests

These are based around expanding the GtoPdb and the new project to populate the Guide to Immunopharmacology.  The domains includes pharmacology, immunology, biocuration, cheminformatics, bioinformatics, other major bioactivity-related databases (e.g. UniProt, Ensembl, PubChem, ChEMBL, SciFinder etc.) and database technology. Related interests include data mining, text mining, patent informatics including chemistry mining (e.g. via SureChEMBL). He also volantarily supports antimalarial Open Drug Discovery, mainly by database searching. The results of this and other engagements of interest are included in his blog posts and other social media portals (see websites)


GtoPdb: http://www.guidetopharmacology.org/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/cdsouthan
Blog: http://cdsouthan.blogspot.com/
LinkedIN: http://www.linkedin.com/in/cdsouthan 

Publications: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Southan%20C[Author]&cmd=DetailsSearch

Presentations: http://www.slideshare.net/cdsouthan

ID: 17618647