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Clare Barnes

Interdisciplinary Lecturer in Sustainable Livelihoods

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Education/Academic qualification

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Utrecht
Approaching facilitated self-governance of the forest commons? On the roles of external actors in community forest management in India

Current Research Interests

My current research interest is in forest and landscape governance in the Global South. I am particularly interested in the perceptions and roles of various state and non-state actors (such as NGOs and social movements). My interests range from how policies affecting the governance of rural areas are made and implemented, to how these policies affect forests and the livelihoods of those living in or near them. I study approaches taken by NGOs and social movements and aim to understand how they can have wider transformational effects. 

I approach my research by drawing on institutional analysis and collective action literature, political ecology and social-ecological systems thinking. 

ID: 44625390