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Dr Dan Mirman

Senior Lecturer in Psychology of Language

Education/Academic qualification

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Carnegie Mellon University
Bachelor of Arts, Cornell University

Area of Expertise

Research expertiseLanguage, Cognition, Individual differences in language processing, Computational models of brain and cognition, Analysis of time course data, Aphasia

Current Research Interests

  • Spoken language
  • Semantic memory
  • Learning and recovery in aphasia
  • Statistical and computational models of cognition

Research Interests

Research in my lab seeks to understand the cognitive and neural mechanisms of spoken language processing, with a particular focus on conceptual knowledge and language impairments. We integrate behavioural and eye-tracking experiments with neuroimaging (particularly lesion-symptom mapping) and computational modeling, often borrowing tools from machine learning. Current research projects are investigating: 
  1. The processing and representation of semantic knowledge
  2. Fluency and functional communication in post-stroke aphasia
  3. Mapping lesion-symptom (brain-behaviour) relationships in post-stroke aphasia

My research in a nutshell

I study language and cognitive processes using behavioural, computational, and neuroscience methods. The major focus areas of my research are (1) how conceptual (semantic) knowledge is organized in the mind and brain and (2) language deficits and recovery after left hemisphere stroke (aphasia). My research in these areas aims for "Pasteur's Quadrant" -- to answer fundamental questions in cognitive science and neuroscience in a way that has practical applications, such as new insights into language impairments and helping to develop better rehabilitation strategies.

ID: 105105266