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Dan Yacavone

Senior Lecturer in Film Studies

Willingness to take PhD students: Yes

Research Interests

  • Film theory and film aesthetics
  • History of film theory and criticism
  • Philosophy of/and film; cinema and the philosophy of art (continental and analytic)
  • Post-1960 European and American Cinema (e.g. the films of Godard, Rivette, Cassavetes, Kubrick, Kieslowski, Greenaway, Lynch)
  • Reflexivity in film and art
  • Cinema and painting
  • Science-fiction and the European art cinema

Dr Yacavone welcomes all postgraduate applications relating to the above research interests, as well as other topics in the history and theory of modern and contemporary cinema.

Dr Yacavone has served as acting Programme Director of Film Studies. He held a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship (2007-2010) at Edinburgh for a research project in film theory and the philosophy of film and art leading to his monograph Film Worlds: A Philosophical Aesthetics of Cinema (Columbia Univeristy Press, 2014).


  • Film Theory (MSc)
  • Film-Philosphy (MSc)
  • Film and the Other Arts (MSc) 
  • Cinema Auteurs (MSc)
  • Film Adaptation (MSc)
  • Film Criticism and Analysis (4th year)
  • Introdcution to European Cinema (2nd year)


ID: 175876