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Dr. David Milodowski

Postdoctoral Research Associate in tropical ecosystem modell

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Education/Academic qualification

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Edinburgh
Feedbacks between erosion, sediment transport and vegetation

Research Interests

My research combines remote sensing with numerical modelling to understand the dynamics of forest ecosystems and the landscapes on which they are established.  The scope of this research ranges from exploring landscape dynamics and forest structure at the sub-hillslope scale using high resolution Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) surveys, to continent-scale studies of tropical rainforests that integrate satellite observations of forest growth and disturbance into a dynamic carbon cycle model (CARDAMOM/DALEC).  The primary focus of my current research involves utilising process based ecosystem models (SPA, DALEC) to assess the impact of forest degradation, and attendant changes to forest structure and functional diversity, on ecosystem function and stability in the tropical rainforests of Malaysian Borneo.

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