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Dieter Vogt

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Willingness to take PhD students: Yes

Homogeneous Catalyst Immobilization and Recycling

Education/Academic qualification

Doctor rerum naturalium, RWTH Aachen
Master of Chemistry, RWTH Aachen

Area of Expertise

Research expertiseChemistry, Homogeneous Catalysis, Industrial Catalysis, Sustainable Chemistry, Catalyst recycling & recovery

Current Research Interests

Current research interests cover the whole chain of knowledge from the molecular basis of homogeneous catalysis to the implementation in processes. Mechanistic studies employ in situ spectroscopy and detailed kinetics. New reactions are developed, especially for the utilization of biomass-derived feedstocks. For the recovery of catalysts multiphase and membrane separation approaches are developed. Combined with reaction- and reactor-engineering we aim at the sustainable production of intermediates and fine chemicals.

My research in a nutshell

Homogeneous catalysis: from molecules to processes; from understanding to sustainable production.

ID: 5288572