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Duncan MacGregor

Research Fellow

Education/Academic qualification

Master in Science, University of Edinburgh
Bachelor of Science (Honours), University of Edinburgh


Duncan started with a computing and AI based background, graduating with joint honours 2.1 in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science from the Univerisity of Edinburgh in 1997 before shifting over to neuroscience, graduating MSc Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh in 1998 followed by a PhD under Prof Gareth Leng in the then Department of Physiology, modelling neuroendocrine systems, specifically growth hormone control by the hypothalamus, graduating in 2003. In the following years he worked part time writing up papers and developing research software, before beginning his first official postdoc position with Prof Gerald Lincoln in the Centre for Reproductive Biology in 2006, studying circannual rhythm generation. In 2008 he returned to work with Prof Gareth Leng, writing a successful Wellcome Trust grant to study vasopressin neuron regulation of osmotic pressure, running 2010 to 2012. This was followed by contributing to writing a successful EU seventh framework grant application for the ongoing 5 year collaborative project 'Nudge-IT' studying the combined economic, psychological, and neural bases of appetite regulation and food choice. In 2016 Duncan was promoted to Senior Research Fellow.

ID: 6727