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Frank Keller

Personal Chair in Computational Cognitive Science

Research Interests

Probabilistic models of cognition, parsing, language production, language acquisition, language vision interface, eyetracking.


2000PhD, University of Edinburgh
 Thesis: Gradience in Grammar
1996Diplom, University of Stuttgartt


I am a professor in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. I am affiliated with the Probabilistic Models of Language Group and with the Language and Vision Group.

My research focuses on how people solve complex tasks such as understanding language or processing visual information. My approach to understanding human cognition combines experimental techniques such eyetracking with computational modeling. Eyetracking makes it possible to build up a highly accurate picture of where people look when they read a sentence, speak a word, or view a visual scene. The data generated by eyetracking experiments allows us to build computational models that simulate the behavior we want to study. Such models predict, for instance, which words humans fixate when they read a text, or which objects they focus on when searching a visual scene.

ID: 18453