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Franklin Ginn

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Willingness to take PhD students: Yes

Prospective students should in the first instance email me with a CV and 1-2 side outline of their proposed topic.

Education/Academic qualification

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), King's College London

Professional Qualifications

Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice, UK Higher Education Academy (University of Edinburgh Institute for Academic Development), PGCAP

Research Interests

My work concerns the politics and philosophies of nature, the more-than-human and the environment. My research interests fall in three main areas.

Gardening naturecultures. I am currently finishing a book, Domestic Wild: Nature, memory and gardening in suburbia, which will explore how history and time are implicated in our ecological consciousness and aruge for a new micro-politics of the wild. I am also researching radical urban gardening in a project funded by the Carnegie Trust.

Ethics and philosophies of nature in the Anthropocene. I am researching how new geographies of apocalypse - both real and imaginary - work at various scales, from the planetary to the local, to generate new relations between culture and nature. This involves collaborative research on geo-engineering and as co-investigator in a major multi-disciplinary project, 'Caring for the Future Through Ancestral Time', funded by the AHRC.

Temporality, landscape and encounter. I am interested in multispecies encounter and place. Previously, I have also researched the relationships between invasive species, eco-nationalism and colonial history in Aotearoa New Zealand.


Research students


Glen Cousquer, "Knowing the mule: Faring well in Moroccan mountain tourism"

Sarah Govan, "Past human interaction and landscape management in Scotland"

Jake Barber, "Outer space and the Anthropocene"

Julian Baker, "Mobility in Nineteenth-Century India" (2011-2014)

Brett Matulis, "Payments for Ecosystem Services and the Neoliberalization of Costa Rican Nature" (2010-2014)


The Nature of Geographical Knowledge

Political ecology (MSc)

Deputy Director, Environment, Culture & Society MSc Programme


I joined Edinburgh University in 2011, after completing my PhD at King’s College London in 2010. Before taking up a position at Edinburgh, I took time out to cycle from London to Singapore. I was educated at the University of Cambridge, Canterbury University (New Zealand), and also have a background in sustainable development policy and advocacy, having worked at NGOs including Global Action Plan and Forum for the Future.

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