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Georgios Kazanidis

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Deep Sea Biodiversity

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Education/Academic qualification

2015Doctor in Philosophy, University of Aberdeen
The substratum-forming sponge Spongosorites coralliophaga and its epifauna in cold-water reefs in the north-east Atlantic: biodiversity, trophic structure and feeding ecology.
2010Master of Research, University of Southampton
Examination of the potential effects of the "Amperima Event" on the population dynamics of the species Paroriza prouhoi (Holothuroidea: Synallactidae) in the Porcupine Abyssal Plain (NE Atlantic)
2008Bachelor of Science (Honours), University of Thessaly
Population structure of the holothuroid Holothuria tubulosa Gmelin, 1788 in Pagasitikos Gulf

Area of Expertise

Research expertiseDeep-sea biodiversity and ecology


I am a passionate marine researcher whose interests lie in the field of ecology and biodiversity of marine zoobenthos. Through participation in several surveys I have explored various marine ecosystems including seagrass meadows and cold water reefs.

Specifically, I started exploring the marine environment as an undergraduate student in Greece. My work there focused on the population dynamics and reproduction of echinoderms. Finishing my studies in Greece, I moved to the National Oceanography Centre (University of Southampton, UK) where I investigated the reproduction of a simultaneous hermaphorodite holothurian over the time series of 15 years.

Being amazed by the deep-sea world and its creatures I carried out my PhD (University of Aberdeen) in one of the most intriguing ecosystems of the world: cold-water coral reefs. There I worked on sponges and their epifauna in terms of biodiversity, trophic structure and feeding ecology highlighting important aspects about the structure and functioninng of these amazing ecosystems. After a post-doc in the University of Aberdeen working on the processing of different types of organic matter by deep-sea microbes, I moved to the University of Edinburgh. As a post-doctoral researcher in the ATLAS project I will mainly be involved in studies about the biodiversity, biogeography and ecology of deep-sea organisms in the North Atlantic Ocean.

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