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Dr Gil Viry

Chancellor's Fellow - Lecturer

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Willingness to take PhD students: Yes

I welcome inquiries and proposals for doctoral research, in relation to any area of sociologial research that connects with one or more of my research interests: All forms of spatial mobility (travel, migration), Family in space, Distance relationships, Family and personal networks, Social network analysis, Life course research.

Education/Academic qualification

Doctor of Social Science, University of Geneva
Master of Social Science, University of Geneva
Master of Physics, University of Geneva

Research Interests

My research interests bridge the intersection of spatial mobilities, family and personal life and social networks. I am especially interested in exploring how geographical distance and mobility behaviours (travelling, commuting, moving) impact personal relationships, focusing in particular on the network structure of families. I use mainly quantitative research methods and social network analysis.


I joined Edinburgh Sociology as a Chancellor's Fellow in September 2012. Prior to this, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the centre for mobility research (CeMoRe) at Lancaster University, an Invited Scholar at Federal Institute for Population Research in Wiesbaden, Germany, a Teaching Assistant in the sociology department at Geneva University and a Research Fellow at LaSUR (Laboratory of Urban Sociology) at Swiss federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) and at PAVIE (Laboratory of Life Course Research) at Lausanne University.

I completed my PhD in Sociology at the University of Geneva in 2011.

Collaborative Activity

I am currently working on two large collaborative research projects: (1) the second wave of the survey Job Mobilities and Family Lives in Europe about the interactions between work-related spatial mobility and the private sphere (with Professor Vincent Kaufmann, EPFL); (2) Social Capital and Family Processes As Predictors of Stepfamily Outcomes exploring the spatiality and relational dynamics of stepfamilies in Switzerland (with Professor Eric Widmer, University of Geneva).

I am also involved in three collaborative research on: (1) Twitter networks (with Dr Angus Bancroft and Dr Kate Orton-Johnson, University of Edinburgh); (2) the interrelations between family configurations in space, spatial mobility and vulnerability for the 2nd phase of the NCCR LIVES, IP208 (with Dr Jacques Antoine-Gaulthier, University of Lausanne); (3) the interrelations between high mobility and fertility histories (with Dr Heiko Rueger, German Institute for Population Research, Wiesbaden).

My research at the University of Edinburgh falls more particularly into two areas: (1) ways individual practices of spatial mobility are experienced over the family life course; (2) changes in personal networks in relation to spatial mobility histories.

I currently co-convene the Social Network Analysis in Scotland (SNAS) Group and I am an associate researcher with CRFR.

ID: 4591951