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Hugh Sinclair

Personal Chair in Surface Geodynamics

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Current Research Interests

 Interaction between surface processes (erosion and sedimentation), mountain building and basin subsidence. The growth of topography in mountain ranges. Using numerical modelling to analyse the punctuated nature of surface uplift. Processes of long term erosion are measured using a range of low temperature thermochronometers, enabling us to question the forcings and response times of surface processes to climate and tectonics. The products of the erosional engine in the mountain belt are then studied as stratigraphy in surrounding basins. Analysis and modelling of the subsidence history of foreland basins. Understanding Mountain Belt/Foreland Basin systems using a range of approaches, which are also applied to issues of hydrocarbon prospectivity. Funding comes from research councils, science foundations and industry. Active field areas include the Alps, Pyrenees, Carpathians, Balkans, Ladakh Himalaya and the Rockies.

My research in a nutshell

In this video Hugh describes how the 2010 monsoon in the western Himalaya devastated fragile communities. His group used the geomorphic record of the storm to reconstruct its magnitude and distribution.

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