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Dr Janet Lovett

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Willingness to take PhD students: Yes


MChem (Oxon) 2002

DPhil 2006

Research students

Stacey Bell (2011-2014)


Fundamentals of Medicinal Chemistry 3rd year lecture course.

Biophysical Chemistry 4th/5th year course.

Research Interests

Structure determination of proteins and protein complexes using distance measurements derived from EPR spectroscopy.

Current Research Interests

We are using distance measurements derived from EPR to determine the structure of protein complexes such as Complement factor H with C3b, myosin binding protein with myosin and SecA:SecY used in E. coli membrane translocation.

Administrative Roles

Member of the Royal Society Hooke Committee (2013-2016).

Member of the RSC ESR Conference Committee (2012-2015)

Member of the EPSRC National EPR Facility and Service Independent Steering Committee (2011-2014)

My research in a nutshell

The structure of a biological system underlies its function. There are many ways to investigate the structure of proteins such as crystallography and NMR. However, these are not always suitable since a protein may be too disordered or large. By adding radical probes ("spin labels") to certain positions in a protein sequence electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) can be used to find information out about the dynamics of the protein and distances to other probes (using a pulsed EPR method called DEER). These probes can be attached to the same protein or to another, interacting, protein.

By combining the results from EPR with those from other biophysical techniques a picture of the protein or protein complex can be built up. I am developing the use of EPR distance restraints for understanding more about protein structure by applying the method to important biological problems. I work in collaboration with groups from, among others, the Universities of Edinburgh, Bristol and Oxford.

The projects involve all aspects of the work from designing the experiment to molecular biology, sample preparation, measurement, data analysis and interpretation. CW EPR measurements can be made using the spectrometer here and I travel to St Andrew's and Oxford Universities to perform the pulsed EPR experiments.

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