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Jenna Gregory

ECAT SCREDS Clinical Lecturer in Histopathology

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Current Research Interests

I am a SCREDS clinical lecturer, training as a pathologist with a special interest in clinical trials. My research is predominantly focused on the molecular and neuropathological mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative diseases with a particular focus on motor neuron disease.

My recent work has involved the implementation of cutting-edge technologies to probe, potentially pathogenic, transcriptional variations in individuals with MND using post-mortem brain tissue. Using these techniques, we have been able to preserve spatial resolution, identifying (i) cell-type specific and (ii) brain region-specific differences in key RNA transcripts that may account for regional susceptibilities to the disease process seen in individuals with MND. These findings, combined with access to linked clinical records will hopefully allow us to explore clinico-pathological correlations with the aim of identifying novel therapeutic targets and developing novel biomarkers necessary for clinical trials in this field.

ID: 27666720