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Dr Jim Jack

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Research Interests

My main research interest is in the design, build and deployment of remote sensing systems based on the use of lasers for the investigation of vegetation and the atmosphere.  These systems may be ground, aircraft or space based.  Since 2011, I have been working on the application of Differential Absorption Lidar to the measurement of trace gases in the atmosphere.  An instrument for the measurement of atmospheric scatter has been built and demonstrated over a range of more than 5km.  We are currently building an instrument that will measure CO2 and later CH4 in the atmosphere.  The critical research areas in this project are the design and build of a pulsed laser source with narrow line-width and well defined and controlled wavelength and a low noise receiver. 


We have also developed a hand held CO2 sensor with limited accuracy, integrated it with GPS and during 2014, it was carried through Edinburgh streets collecting both CO2 concentration and position data so that the CO2 level could be plotted on a map.  Further integration of this hand held instrument with other sensors sensitive to different Green House Gases, particulates and other environmental parameters offers great potential.  These low cost hand held instruments lend themselves to supporting interaction with the general public and the debate on climate change.

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