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John Underhill

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Current Research Interests

Controls on seismic and sequence stratigraphy. Petroleum geology of the North Sea; North Sea basin development (eg. Inner Moray Firth); Characterisation of clastic reservoirs; Recognition and implications of low angled cross-stratification (eg. swaley and hummocky cross-stratification); Dynamic stratigraphy of the British Isles; Basin analysis; Sedimentation and tectonics; Seismic stratigraphy; Neotectonics; Late Cenozoic evolution of the Alpine domain, with special reference to the Hellenides, Albanides, Dinarides and Apennines; Fault geometries in strike- and oblique-slip fault zones; Geology of the Midland Valley of Scotland; The Flamborough Head Disturbance; Granulation seams in highly-porous rock; Application of fission track analysis; Jurassic thermal doming and deflation in the North Sea

ID: 11150