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Dr Jonathan Hafferty

(Former employee or visitor)

  1. Birth weight associations with DNA methylation differences in an adult population

    Morris, S. W. (Creator), Campbell, A. (Creator), Porteous, D. (Creator), Deary, I. (Creator), Evans, K. (Creator), Hafferty, J. (Creator), McIntosh, A. (Creator), Marioni, R. (Creator), Madden, R. (Creator), Mccartney, D. (Creator), Hillary, R. (Creator), Bermingham, M. (Creator), Rawlik, K. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 1 Sep 2020, 10.7488/ds/2876


  2. Genome-wide association summary statistics of antidepressant treatment resistance meta-analysis

    Wigmore, E. (Creator), Hafferty, J. (Creator), Hall, L. (Creator), Howard, D. (Creator), Clarke, T. (Creator), Fabbri, C. (Creator), Lewis, C. (Creator), Navrady, L. (Creator), Adams, M. (Creator), Zeng, Y. (Creator), Campbell, A. (Creator), Gibson, J. (Creator), Thomson, P. (Creator), Hayward, C. (Creator), Smith, B. (Creator), Hocking, L. (Creator), Padmanabhan, S. (Creator), Deary, I. (Creator), Porteous, D. (Creator), Mors, O. (Creator), Mattheisen, M. (Creator), Uher, R. (Creator), Nicodemus, K. (Creator), McIntosh, A. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 31 Mar 2020, 10.7488/ds/2791


  3. Genome-wide meta-analysis of depression identifies 102 independent variants and highlights the importance of the prefrontal brain regions

    Howard, D. (Creator), Adams, M. (Creator), Clarke, T. (Creator), Hafferty, J. (Creator), Gibson, J. (Creator), Shirali, M. (Creator), Coleman, J. (Creator), Ward, J. (Creator), Wigmore, E. (Creator), Alloza, C. (Creator), Barbu, M. (Creator), Xu, E. (Creator), Whalley, H. (Creator), Marioni, R. (Creator), Porteous, D. (Creator), Davies, G. (Creator), Deary, I. (Creator), Hemani, G. (Creator), Tian, C. (Creator), Hinds, D. (Creator), Team, 2. R. (Creator), Consortium, M. D. D. W. G. O. T. P. G. (Creator), Trzaskowshi, M. (Creator), Byrne, E. (Creator), Ripke, S. (Creator), Smith, D. (Creator), Sullivan, P. (Creator), Wray, N. (Creator), Breen, G. (Creator), Shen, X. (Creator), Lewis, C. (Creator), McIntosh, A. (Creator), Edinburgh DataShare, 30 Jan 2019, 10.7488/ds/2458